Boeing 737-800 parked on the airport apr

B737 NG

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  • 1:1 scale design – panels, knobs, hardware

  • actual B738 fonts, accurate colors

  • all-metal backplates and frame

  • adjustable backlight (panels and gauges) – individual control for CPT/CTR and F/O sides - as per real aircraft; aircraft power influences backlight!

  • realistic annunciators with two levels of intensity (DIM/BRIGHT) as per real aircraft

  • industrial-grade toggle switches with correct functionality and pull-to-switch (lever-lock) mechanism as per real aircraft

  • all hardware interfaced – no dummy parts (“mockup” / “realistic representation”)

  • all mechanical gauges are fully working and backlit with ultra smooth movement.

Forward Overhead Panel

Forward Overhead Panel is one of the most interactive panels in the whole cockpit, which allows management of the most essential aircraft systems. A fully working unit with all annunciators, switches and gauges.

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Aft Overhead Panel

Aft Overhead Panel allows management of navigation, warning, recording, emergency and indication systems. Again a fully functional unit with all annunciators, switches and gauges. This also applies to the IRS Display Panel!

Mode Control Panel

Mode Control Panel is one of the most essential modules in the cockpit and allows autoflight management – selecting autopilot modes, commanding desired altitudes, speeds, headings

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Flight Controls

Flight controls are essential in manual flight to control airplane's position spatially. This includes elevator (pitch control) and aileron (roll control) as well as rudder (yaw control). Flight controls are what really allow you to feel that “you have control” and you are flying this “heavy metal”.


The CDU (also called FMC or FMS), is the brain of the aircraft. It holds navigation database and computes aircraft's performance, route and fuel based on pilot's input. Two units are found in an airplane – each individual for every pilot. Fully working units with all annunciators, switches and dimmable displays.

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Aft Electronic (Pedestal) Panel

Aft Electronic (Pedestal) Panel located between pilots' seats is mostly used to handle communications and manage navigation systems. It also houses fire protection controls and several other panels responsible for various systems. Fully working unit with coupled Captain and First Officer modules with all annunciators, switches, displays and gauges. This has also been interfaced to work with Vatsim bringing a new level of realism and emersion to members of the Vatsim community!

Fire Protection Panel

  • all switches and annunciators interfaced (including BELL CUTOUT)

  • switches where applicable are locking-lever type

  • dimmable panel controlled together with Aft Electronic (Pedestal)

  •  highly realistic, robust Fire Handles with accurate travel, tactile

  • feel, locking-in-position and electrically locked to protect accidental activation with manual unlock functionality; all as per real aircraft – most advanced design on the market

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Throttle Quadrant

Throttle Quadrant provides control over engines' thrust, flaps position, speedbrake and parking brake as well as fuel levers and stabilizer trim.

Radios and Nav

Ascent Aviation in conjunction with Simworld does not use ordinary 7 segment LED displays. All displays were custom made to match the real design in terms of font type, size and color as well as the special signs on the radio frequency displays - everything as per the real thing. This is impossible to achieve with ordinary 7 segment displays! Displays are dimmable with panel's backlight as per real aircraft.

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