Meet the Team

David Boyle

Director/ Owner

David has been involved in aviation for over 10 years and  works for an international airline flying short to medium haul on the Boeing 737-800. He completed his first solo on the Cessna 152 during his PPL(A) at Barton airfield.  He then went on to get his professional licence via the modular route studying at  CAE Oxford Aviation, Bartolini Air and Simtech before  joining an Irish airline flying to destinations all over Europe. He established Ascent Aviation Ltd in 2018 to create a community that  promotes, helps and inspires aviation enthusiasts, young and old from all backgrounds. 

Kriss Armstrong 

Instructor & ATPL(f) Scholar

Kriss, like most pilots, wanted to fly for longer than he can remember and has a complete fascination for flight. His career in aviation began at the only logical place – The Airport. Working as a flight-dispatcher at Glasgow Airport enabled him to gain invaluable knowledge into the life of an airline pilot…His conclusion? It was definitely for him. Serendipity at play, He met David on a flight over to Dublin, and by the end of which, had secured a job in his exciting new enterprise - a place young aspiring pilots could only dream of working. Ascent Aviation has flourished since the doors opened and Kriss is delighted to now be working as part of a Zero to ATPL(f) scholarship which will enable him to develop from student pilot status to fully-fledged airline pilot.

Steve Slater


Steve has been an aviation enthusiast since he was 5 years old which led on to him joining the Air Cadets in 2006. After gaining his PPL from Sherburn, Yorkshire, he then continued his  Commercial training and Instrument Rating abroad in Sweden at Diamond Flight Academy during the Winter of 2019. He is currently employed by a UK based airline in Glasgow on the Boeing 737 and works part time instructing at Ascent Aviation.

Vanessa Levey

Bookings & Events Co-ordinator

Vanessa has been working front of house as our full time Bookings and Events Co-ordinator since January 2020. She has a keen passion for aviation, although preferably midway down the cabin with a drink in hand on the way to a sunny destination. She joined us with a wealth of customer and hospitality experience that she developed in several industries including working as a dental nurse and in a gym. From Private individual, to Corporate groups, no matter what your query Vanessa will be there to help you out

Dom Holdsworth


Dom, having had an interest in aviation from a young age began gliding at 14, before flying with the RAF cadets followed by the University Air Squadron. Following university he worked offshore to fund his  flying, completing the PPL(A) in a PA28 (Archer) and began commercial flight training in 2017 f. He gained his Commercial Pilots licence at the end of 2018 flying the PA44 (Seminole) and PA34 (Seneca V) He then secured a position working for a UK based airline in April 2019. Dom is loving being able to share his passion for aviation and pass on his knowlege to every customer.

Ollie Desforges 


Ollie has worked in aviation for over 15 years and currently works for an international airline flying long-haul on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. He completed his first solo on the Vigilant motor glider while on a gliding scholarship with the air cadets. After which, he then stayed on with the gliding school and became a gliding instructor. He then went on to get his professional licence at FTE Jerez before joining a UK regional airline flying the Dash-8 Q400 Turbo Prop. After being stationed at various locations around the UK, he eventually ended up in Glasgow as a Line Training Captain and working for the Flight Safety Department before moving on to flying the 787. His favourite destination is Japan.

James Bushe 


James started flying aged 15 before gaining his private pilots license at 17 at East Midlands Airport flying the Cessna 152. After building a successful career in the hospitality and leisure industry, in 2018 he embarked on the modular route of training toward his Commercial License. He competed his CPL MEIR at Bartolini Air in Poland in 2018 and has since been flying as a first officer for one of Europe's largest regional Airlines on the Embraer 145 based out of Glasgow Airport.

Alex Grys


Alex has worked in the aviation industry for 4 years. After leaving school he achieved his Commercial Pilots Licence at 19, and in 2018 he was accepted as a Pilot Apprentice at one of Europe’s top Leisure Travel Airlines. He is Type Rated on the Boeing 737-800 and has been taking part in experiences at Ascent since early 2019. He can also be found at Glasgow Airport as a First Officer flying holidaymakers to over 40 destinations


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