Virtual Flyers Group is a small community aimed at Flight simmers, Aviation enthusiasts and Pilots. Our aim is to provide an environment where members can grow their knowledge and skills through the use of our B737NG simulator. full details on our simulator can be found here.


Utilizing the skills and experiences of real world Airline pilots you will have a wealth of sources to turn to should you need any help or extra tuition in any areas of operation. Utilizing the VATSIM Network through use of our fully integrated intercom units allows you to comfortably immerse yourself into a world only seen by real world pilots. You will fly with other members bringing a new social aspect to your simulation experience, building friendships with like minded people from all walks of life.

  1. Must be enrolled as a VATSIM member (Help is available for people wanting to join who do not currently hold a membership)

  2. Minimum of 3 Hours to be flown each month

  3. 2 members to fly together (one member Pilot Flying, other Pilot Monitoring)

  4. Demonstrate proficiency in airline operations (training is provided as part of the membership)

  5. Familiar with B737 systems

  6. Adhere to VATSIM rules and etiquette when flying online

  7. Aged 18 years or above

  8. minimum 6 month member ship with 30 day termination policy

membership criteria

Membership Fees and Costs

£59                      £34.50

Per Month

Per Hour

Membership prices are based on two members sharing the cost of one hour at £69ph. Ie members flying for one hour as a crew will pay £34.50 each per hour making this much more affordable. Start saving money from your first hour!

Based on minimum 3 hours per month members can expect to pay £59 per month membership + £34.50 each x 3 = £162.50 per month.

Membership Enquirys

To Enquire, please take the time to fill out the information below.


32 Napier Street 

Riverpark Business Centre





01505 341 113


Mon - Fri :   11:00 - 20:00

Sat - Sun:  10:00 - 19:00 

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