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This Privacy Policy sets out how we (Ascent Aviation Ltd.) use, share and store your data when you opt to use services provided by Ascent Aviation Ltd. Our aim is to be transparent with you about the information you share with us and what we do with it once you have passed the information to us.


Personal data we hold about you can include names, dates of birth, email addresses, telephone numbers, postal address and credit/debit card information.


Ascent Aviation Ltd can track information about your device (IP Address - City or Region where you are based).


We collect your data primarily for the following purposes:


  • To complete, amend and submit preferences regarding your booking(s)

  • To provide you with information on services we offer

  • To carry our marketing analysis and send information to you regarding our services



Contacting us


We, also referred to as Data Controllers are responsible for deciding how to store, share and use your data. The Data Controller is ‘Ascent Aviation Limited, 32 Napier Street, Linwood, PA3 3AJ’.


What personal data we collect and how it is used by Ascent Aviation Ltd.

Below is a list of information that we use when you sign up for our services and when you visit our website.


When you sign up for our services:



Postal Address

Email Address

Contact Information (Mobile/Landline telephone numbers)

Debit and/or Credit Card details as required to process payments. Where permitted we may also store bank sort codes and account numbers.

Other details submitted by you as required to process your booking and schedule an appointment

When you visit our website:


Your browsing history - How you were referred to our website and when on our website, a list of pages for which you have visited

Your IP Address - A code that enables us to track your device and location (Country, City, Region)


How we collect your data

We collect your data when:


You visit our site and browse pages.

You contact us by email, telephone or visit our reception at 32 Napier Street, Linwood, PA3 3AJ.

You purchase one of our products from our website.



Why we use your personal data


We use your information for a variety of purposes and these are outlined below:


To comply with relevant laws and obligations

To make and amend bookings

In line with our ‘terms of use’, security and fraud prevention

For analysing statistics including website traffic and monitoring booking trends

To send marketing communications when consent is given and to make you aware of any changes

To respond to queries, compliments and complaints 

Your personal data and other organisations


This may include viewing our videos, photos and content on third party sites or when you are leaving reviews.


We ask that you refer to the particular organisation and their privacy policy for how they may use your data. 


Please note that we do not sell any of your information to any third parties.

How long we store your personal data for

We keep your personal data for as long as is required; please note that this may vary dependent on the service request you have made to us. Where you wish for us to remove your personal data, you may do so in writing by emailing or in writing to Ascent Aviation Ltd, 32 Napier Street, Linwood, PA3 3AJ.


For marketing purposes, you may unsubscribe at any time, however we may still keep your email address on record as reference that you no longer wish to receive marketing emails from us.


If you would like a copy of the information we keep about you, to have your information deleted or a copy of our privacy policy, you can do so by either referring to our website or requesting this in writing by email ( or post (Ascent Aviation Ltd, 32 Napier Street, Linwood, PA3 3AJ).



Marketing Communications and Newsletters

We may send marketing communications and newsletters to your email address during the year. This is for the purposes of sharing offers and opportunities that may be of interest to you.

Filming and Photography


Our instructors will advise groups participants when filming and/or photography will be taking place. Prior consent will be obtained to enable us to use this footage for marketing and social media purposes.


Please note that you may be visible during some of the footage taken and reserve the right to request that you are removed from it.





We collect cookies when you visit our website. This enables us to track your device, location and unique device number, thus enabling us to recognise you and your device.


Changes to this Privacy Policy


If we opt to change anything within this Privacy Policy, we will contact you by email and update the page on our website. Please note that you reserve the right to withdraw at any point, this include for any additional uses of your data.



Our legal ground for using and storing your data


When we decide on how we store, use and monitor your personal data, we must ensure that we comply with Data Protection and GDPR guidelines, this includes the obligation to keep your data on file or how we use your data in certain circumstances.

We require your consent to store, manage and use your data. This includes additional consent when our Privacy Policy is altered, our services are changed or through marketing preferences.


We use your data to ensure promote the services we offer, to analyse our performance as a company or should we need to contact you e.g. to update you regarding a booking you have made.


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