Why Choose Ascent Aviation?

The Flight is Simulated!

Our simulators are of extremely high standard and use

the latest design and software to ensure the experience of flying your jet as realistic as possible.

The Experience is... Real!

Flying with us isn't just about our incredible simulators, it's about the full experience.

Check in for your flight, head to our crew room for a pre-flight chat before making your way to the captains seat and embarking on your once in a life time experience to a destination of your choice.  

Pilot Training

We have great success with preparing pilots for upcoming airline assessments. With both A320 & B737 simulators available, tailor your approach to your next assessment with the guidance of experienced and current airline pilots.

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“We had a wonderful afternoon with the most welcoming and friendly staff. Chris, our pilot, was fantastic and Lisa was lovely. As soon as we got there, we knew we would have a great time. It is an amazing experience and we flew to New York. We cannot recommend Ascent Aviation highly enough. A truly enjoyable time for all age groups. Thanks again from Jennifer and Colin. Look forward to flying with you in the future”